Cruise Insurance

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Travel insurance is especially important to consider when booking a cruise because of the unique multi-leg nature of travelling by cruise ship. When travelling abroad by ship, cruise trip insurance can cover you for unexpected medical issues. We invite you to get a personalized insurance quote for your cruise and compare the available plans to find the best coverage for your unique cruise plans.

What does cruise insurance cover?

Coverage varies between plans and providers, but there are specific coverage options available that cruisers may find the most useful. Cruise insurance is often available as part of an All-Inclusive Travel Insurance Plan.

Cancellation coverage may help travellers whose plans are impacted by an unforeseen weather event or their ship requires unexpected repairs. Travel insurance may reimburse travellers for the cancellations of the cruise, tour, or travel package.

While most cruise ships have medical facilities onboard, they may not be suited to handle a serious health crisis. Travel medical is another valuable coverage option if you have an unforeseen health emergency, as it may provide transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

Travel insurance may also provide coverage in the event you miss your departure. Canadian winter weather can be unforgiving, and if an unforeseen storm impacts your departure or delays your flight, your cruise will not be able to wait for you. Travel insurance may be able to assist you in meeting your ship at its next port of call.

Do you need cruise travel insurance?

Check with your specific cruise line to see if travel insurance is mandatory. Most cruise lines do not require travel insurance. Some may offer their own travel insurance to passengers when booking. It is advisable to review the coverage to ensure your travel concerns are addressed, even if the cruise line does not require it.

How much does cruise insurance cost?

Travel insurance is not one-size-fits-all and is as unique as your travel plan. The cost of travel insurance is based on a few key factors and may change based on the trip and traveller details, as well as the time the policy was purchased.

Can you add travel insurance after booking a cruise?

Yes, you can purchase a travel insurance policy after booking your cruise. However, some benefits are time-sensitive, so we advise purchasing your travel insurance as close to your first trip payment as possible for the most options.

Is there coverage for missed cruise departures?

If unforeseen circumstance causes your port to be inaccessible, or if your flight is delayed, the cruise ship cannot wait for you. However, your travel insurance may be able to assist and will often help you catch up to your ship in its next port of call.

Can you leave a cruise early?

Most cruise medical insurance plans include coverage for emergency evacuation. This may apply if you require medical care and the medical facilities on board are not equipped to handle a serious health crisis. In this instance, your travel insurance may provide emergency medical evacuation coverage for transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility, or back to a Canadian hospital.

What is cruise cancellation insurance?

Cancellation coverage may apply if your cruise, tour, or travel package is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, these circumstances may include an unforeseen storm or if there is a mechanical issue with your ship causing it to stay in port for repairs. Coverage varies by policy so be sure to review your plan for a list of coverages and exclusions.

Does travel insurance cover river cruises?

Yes, travel insurance purchased for a cruise protects your trip plans regardless of what kind of cruise you sail. However, travellers are advised to always review the coverages and exclusions before purchasing to ensure they are obtaining the right coverage for their unique travel plans.

Does credit card travel insurance cover cruises?

Some credit cards do provide some travel insurance benefits. To find out whether your credit card provides any trip protection, contact the card company directly or check your credit card policy documents. Details regarding any potential refunds in the event of a canceled trip or other benefits, like baggage protection, should be stated in the benefits guide. Be sure to review your policy documents for any specifics related to travelling by cruise.

Does cruise protection cover Disney cruises?

Traveling on one of the Disney Cruise Line ships is a unique vacation experience, whether you are a seasoned cruiser, avid Disney fan, or traveller looking for a “magical” new experience. However, as with any cruise, travel insurance is especially important to consider due to the unique multi-leg nature of travelling by cruise ship. This is also true for travellers sailing on any major cruise line such as Norwegian, Princess, Viking River, Carnival, Celebrity, and so on.


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