Emergency Evacuation Insurance

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What is emergency evacuation insurance?

Emergency evacuation travel insurance, commonly known as medical evacuation and repatriation insurance, is designed to supplement travel insurance plans containing limited benefits. It is generally part of an all-inclusive travel insurance plan. Emergency evacuation insurance typically covers the cost of emergency transportation to the nearest qualified hospital if you become seriously ill or injured on your trip abroad. It can also cover the cost of transporting you back to your country of residence for medical treatment, if necessary, and for a medical escort to accompany you during transportation. Additionally, evacuation insurance covers the cost of services such as transportation for your travelling companion and children to fly home if your medical emergency occurs on your family trip and the return of your pet(s) and baggage. Transportation for a loved one to travel to you, a bedside companion and repatriation of remains can also be covered.

Does travel insurance cover medical evacuation?

Yes, medical evacuation insurance coverage is traditionally included in all-inclusive travel insurance. It offers financial protection to travellers like you who may become seriously ill or injured on your international trip, where you require emergency transportation to the nearest qualified hospital.

Does travel insurance cover repatriation?

Yes, the repatriation benefit, often referred to as air evacuation insurance, found in travel insurance can cover the financial cost of the repatriation process for you to be medically escorted and airlifted back home to your country of residence to finish your recovery after emergency services abroad if you obtain a severe illness or injury on your trip. It can also financially cover the repatriation of remains.

How much emergency evacuation insurance do I need?

Coverage limits for emergency evacuation insurance vary by insurance provider and plan. Before you purchase a travel insurance plan, most plans will allow you to review plan details for approximately 10-15 days free of charge. This is known as the free-look period. During that period, you can decide whether you need more coverage or less coverage, then cancel your existing policy for a refund and purchase a new one that better suits your needs.

Is medical evacuation insurance worth it?

Your Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) may provide little to no coverage if you travel outside your home province, territory, or country. If you cannot afford to pay costly, out-of-pocket medical expenses up front, should you happen to get severely ill or injured on your trip, medical evacuation insurance will benefit you. For the affordable amount you will pay for a travel insurance policy that includes medical evacuation benefits, you will save yourself tens of thousands to millions of dollars in the long run if an emergency medical event occurs where you must be transported to the nearest qualified hospital for care.

What is the best medical evacuation insurance?

Although travel insurance depends on individual needs, an all-inclusive travel insurance plan may be your best option as it’s the most comprehensive, offering multiple coverages in a single plan, including medical evacuation, repatriation, and sometimes COVID-19 benefits. Be aware that medical evacuation insurance coverage has a separate coverage limit from emergency medical insurance coverage.

When you compare quotes online through InsureMyTrip, ensure that your policy includes medical evacuation coverage for transportation to the nearest qualified hospital abroad and back home to Canada, as well as a medical escort to accompany you. If you need to file a claim while global, call your travel insurance provider right away for assistance, and they will make all the medical evacuation arrangements for you.


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